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About us

Alaluz Capital is an independent fund management company (SGIIC) founded in 2015 by a group of professionals with wide experience in wealth management and duly registered in the Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores (CNMV). Our objective is to preserve wealth while generating long term returns for our utmost priority; investors. Aware of the responsibility it takes to manage their wealth, we invest and protect their capital actively employing a diligent, responsible and fully dedicated approach.



Each member of the team possesses over 15 years of professional expertise in a wide array of financial assets, ably identifying good investments to generate long term returns. Our policy is to focus more on protecting investors’ wealth rather than chasing high returns in a speculative environment.


Transparency is one of our main pillars; openly explaining what we do and why we do it is one of Alaluz Capital hallmarks.
Only through open and direct communication can we make investors feel both informed and cared for at all times.


Our goal is to select high quality companies with sustainable competitive advantages, run by a good management team and whose true value is not fully reflected in its current price, seeking to identify the divergences between both in order to maximize returns on our long term investments. We aim not to buy expectations but to invest in realities that are undervalued.


Alaluz Capital’s management vehicle in Luxembourg (ALX SICAV-SIF) invests in a vast range of financial assets, offering bespoke solutions to meet each client’s needs in an environment of utmost transparency and legal certainty.

In order to provide our services, we count on the Pictet Group, a private bank specialized in independent asset and wealth management, with more than 26 representative offices, branches and subsidiaries in major financial centers worldwide, that provides administration and depository services and external AIFM.

Alaluz Capital offers bespoke solutions in Luxembourg (SIF, RAIF,…) for those clients demanding higher flexibility and timely implementation of their investment strategies. The choice of an investment vehicle will depend on the type of funding that needs to be raised, the proposed investor base, the type of investments to be made and any specific tax considerations.


ALX SICAV-SIF offers the opportunity to invest in stocks, fixed income, alternative investments and emerging markets through a global approach within its different sub funds:

ALX Fund of Funds

Structured as a Master-Feeder, where a minimum of 85% is invested in ALX Fixed Income, ALX Equity and Alternative Investments sub funds, achieving an optimum diversification of the client’s investment while simplifying the tracking of the positions.

ISIN: LU1506632378.

ALX Fixed Income 

The fund invests globally in fixed income assets, with no rating restrictions, targeting capital preservation and appreciation in real terms in the long run.

ISIN: LU1506632618.

ALX Alternative Investments 

By investing globally in diverse types of assets and markets, it seeks to achieve long term returns through risk diversification, selecting at each moment the most suitable investment strategy.​

ISIN: LU1506631644.

ALX Equity 

The fund seeks appreciation of long term positions by investing in a well-diversified stock basket by country and sector in order to seize market opportunities. It actively combines bottom up stock selection with a top down asset allocation approach, along with a practice of risk diversification.

ISIN: LU1506631990.

ALX Emerging Markets Debt 

Investing in fixed income assets from emerging markets, it is mainly focused on Latin America, Asia, the Middle East and Europe, with the goal of maximizing long term returns.

ISIN: LU1506632451.


"Coming together is a beginning,
keeping together is progress,
working together is success."

Henry Ford

Enrique Mestre Nieto, CAIA
José Luis Martínez Caamaño, CFA
Jesús F. Solís Gundín

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Alaluz Capital?

Alaluz Capital is an independent fund management company (SGIIC), registered in the Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores (CNMV) which was founded by a group of professionals with wide experience in wealth management.

Who is in Alaluz Capital?

Alaluz Capital arose from the union of a group of professionals that decided to pool their vast experience in private bank areas, legal consulting and asset management in order to offer a top level wealth management service.

What is the investment philosophy?

To identify good investment opportunities in a wide range of financial assets that generate long term returns, with capital protection being our primordial goal. Transparency is one of our pillars: explaining what we do and why we do it.

What is a SIF?

A SIF (Specialized Investment Fund) is an investment vehicle established in Luxembourg that allows investors access to a wider range of assets than a traditional UCITS fund. It is authorized and supervised by the CSSF, the ultimate regulatory authority in Luxembourg.

What funds does Alaluz Capital manage?

Alaluz Capital provides ALX SICAV-SIF, a vehicle that offers investment in equities, fixed income, alternative investments and emerging markets globally through its different compartments:

- ALX Fund of Funds (ISIN: LU1506632378)
- ALX Equity (ISIN: LU1506631990)
- ALX Fixed Income (ISIN: LU1506632618)
- ALX Alternative Investment (ISIN: LU1506631644)
- ALX Emerging Debt (ISIN: LU1506632451)

What is the NAV and how is it calculated?

The NAV (“Net Asset Value”) is the unit price of each share in an open fund. It is calculated with the periodicity determined in each product investment policy, as the value of the fund assets minus the value of its liabilities at the calculation date divided by the number of shares outstanding in the fund.

What type of fees does a SIF charge?

They vary according to the type of service or product chosen by the investor.

How are fees applied?

The fees accrue daily as the result of the determined fee multiplied by the net equity fund. Generally, payments will be made on a quarterly basis.

For whom are our products intended?

Our products target well informed investors and institutional investors that seek customized solutions within a framework of total transparency and legal certainty as provided by Luxembourg.

What is the minimum initial and the additional subscriptions?

The minimum initial subscription is $125.000 while incremental amounts must be of at least $1.000.

How can I subscribe to an Alaluz Capital fund?

Investors will be able to make subscriptions through Pictet Europe S.A.

Address: 15, avenue J.F. Kennedy L-1855 Luxembourg
Tel.: +352 46 71 71 7666
Or through their bank.

How can I make a redemption to an Alaluz Capital fund?

Investors will be able to make redemptions through Pictet Europe S.A.

Address: 15, avenue J.F. Kennedy L-1855 Luxembourg
Tel.: +352 46 71 71 7666
Or through their bank.




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