Alaluz Capital’s management vehicle in Luxembourg (ALX SICAV-SIF) invests in a vast range of financial assets, offering bespoke solutions to meet each client’s needs in an environment of utmost transparency and legal certainty.

In order to provide our services, we count on the Pictet Group, a private bank specialized in independent asset and wealth management, that provides administration and depository services and external AIFM.

ALX SICAV-SIF offers the opportunity to invest in stocks, fixed income, alternative investments and emerging markets through a global approach within its different sub funds:


ALX Alternative Investments 

By investing globally in diverse types of assets and markets, it seeks to achieve long term returns through risk diversification, selecting at each moment the most suitable investment strategy.

ISIN: LU1506631644.

ALX Equity 

The fund seeks appreciation of long term positions by investing in a well-diversified stock basket by country and sector in order to seize market opportunities. It actively combines bottom up stock selection with a top down asset allocation approach, along with a practice of risk diversification.

ISIN: LU1506631990.